Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (2024)

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (1)
Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (2)

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June 23 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Free - $75.00

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (3)


Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night is located inside of a co*cktail lounge in Downtown Miami. Live comedy, seating, and BOGO drinks available.

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (4)

Discover this hidden comedy club in Downtown Miami every SUNDAY at the Tipsy Flamingo 8pm!

  • Full Bar Available: beers, wine and other restaurants nearby (you can dine at the bar!)
  • Great Sunday night out for date night, social get togethers, celebrations, and co-workers!
  • Local Miami Standup Comedians Showcase with special guest appearances
  • Live Miami Stand Up Comedy every Sunday in Downtown Miami

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Join our monthly $20 membership to get a promo code for a free ticket to all our event + a drink ticket / BOGO wristband, and a free T shirt from our merch store! Enroll here:

Ticketing options

1. Save on the bar tab, get the Buy-One-Get-One-Free Drink Wristband! $15 online or $20 at the door.

If you want to cut your drinks tab in half and save money, purchase the Buy-One-Get-One Free Drink Wristband.

Everytime you order a drink, the next one is on us until the end of the show!

2. Get your seats reserved with priority seating! $15 online or $20 the day of.

Guaranteed comfortable seating for you and your guests!

Because of limited seating capacity, we now offer reserved VIP seating for those who RSVP with Priority seating.

Ticket packages

Get VIP Seating and BOGO Drinks Wristband for $25.


Get VIP Seating, BOGO Drinks Wristband AND a Miami Comedy Flamingo T Shirt for $40.


Get VIP Seating, BOGO Drinks Wristband a Flamingo T-Shirt AND a Miami Comedy Snap Back Cap for $75.

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (5)

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Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (6)

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Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (7)

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (8)

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (9)


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Tipsy Flamingo, Brickell Living and Miami Comedy get together to bring you a weekly comedy and drink event. Featuring local working comedians and special guest performances!

About Tipsy Flamingo

The team behind RedBar and Sweet Caroline is opening a Miami-inspired co*cktail bar in Downtown Miami.

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (10)

About Miami Comedy has produced independent comedy events for years. Over time we’ve built a platform where you can laugh everyday in Miami! We present to you authentic local and national performers and curate entertaining live shows for locals who love to laugh and enjoy the true art of stand up comedy. As seen on Amazon Prime Video “Respect the Light” the Miami New Times, Culture Crusaders, the Miami Improv and UNATION. We create unforgettably funny pop up shows all over the Magic City, in all your favorite bars, restaurants, lounges, theaters and virtual! We make each experience unique with its own environment, line up, drinking, social groups and dining menus!

Questions? Special Occasions? Event Planning? Birthdays?

Get in contact with me here:

Text: 786-610-5571




June 23

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Free - $75.00
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Miami Comedy
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Tipsy Flamingo co*cktail Bar
40 Northeast 1st Avenue, ##101
Miami,FL33132United States
+ Google Map

Please Call the venue or event organizer before heading there!

Event Categories

Each comedy event on our calendar are different! Look for the “event category” info on each event.

Pro Show: Professional and touring stand up comedians coming to Miami on ashow with a large production company.

Virtual:This show will be live, but in digital format! Join us online with the comedy community for a virtual comedy show at the comfort of your own home!

Showcase: Experienced stand up comedians are selected to perform.

Open Mic: Anything goes! Up and coming stand up comedians hit the stage and try out their material.

Improvisation: Unique variety show where improv troupes come up with comedy sketches on the stage with audience participation.

Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night (Sunday) – Miami Comedy (2024)
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