William Branham Explains the Godhead - Mystery Solved! (2023)



Most religious historians portray William Branham as a Oneness Pentecostal, claiming that William Branham was strongly opposed to the Trinitarian doctrine. In fact, many members of his cult of personality believe that Branham "revealed" the mystery of the Godhead to the world.

As it turns out, this is not exactly true. We have identified audio recordings of William Branham explaining his true position on the Godhead and water baptism.



Last evening, when we were having a discussion, a brother could not understand the Trinity of God and how we were talking about it.

How did Jesus stood there? A man of about uh 30 years old Jesus could do nothing except the people believed him.

Is that right? You had yet see you believe in God.

You believed in the son believe in the Holy Ghost.

That's the Trinity, we believe in him, but then, in order for this to operate, You Must, Believe, Me Now in the first place, not one place in the Bible is Trinity ever mentioned.

You find in children, there's no such a thing.

Catholic era and your Protestants bow to it.

Watch how the Trinity of God comes to me and I want some man.

You say the Blessed Holy Trinity find me the word Trinity anywhere.

In the pages of God's mind, it's a man-made scheme on Old Dirty, Church rag, wrapped around to take the place of the sack line of God's holy spirit.

You're such a thing.

There's no such thing you find and come to me your duty bound to do it as a Christian.

If you find it and may the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity come in now the promise, the comforter that you said you would stand.

Jesus is no third person of a trinity.

He was the trinity in full Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and that was a revelation and suffered on her on his power.

Crucified died buried rolls the third day setting at the right hand of God the father making intercessions now, for we who've accepted the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, the trinitarian, the trans people that bleed in the Trinity which finally formed in the Catholic Church.

Everything in God is in a trinity, get out of them old, dead, Creeds and things that belongs to a Catholic.

Church is going to be consumed and all of her daughters with it amen.

No one can say that Father Son and Holy Ghost some kind, and that thing and they call the Holy Trinity Trinity I, want somebody to find even the word Trinity in the Bible and come tell me about it.

Just find the word Trinity it's not even in there God, we believe we're accepted in Christ Jesus and he in return.

Let's give us the Holy Ghost.

We love him that great third person of the Trinity who burns through our hearts.

What was it it was the revelation of the Supreme deity of Jesus Christ amen, not being a second person of a trinity but being God himself.

Jesus Christ comes into his church to his people to manifest himself out through the people, while he himself is sitting at the right hand of the father sending back the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity to live in human beings to work through them to show the same work that he did in the beginning, making him the same yesterday today and forever.

You say: well, not he's the third person or the second.

You ain't got no seal yet so yeah I've done all the paper there.

So then there's no such thing as that in the Bible.

We bless, we believe in the Holy Trinity uh you're away, you're not even go around the paper now, because there's no such thing as Trinity ever mentioned in the Bible Well that Holy Spirit is the holy spirit of God.

Is that right? The third person of the Trinity trinitarianism is of the devil.

Ar amen, look where it come from.

It come from the Nicene Council, when the Catholic Church become in rulership.

The word treated is not even mentioned in the entire book of the Bible I pray that healing turn back in the form of the Holy Ghost in second third person of the Trinity come back as the comforter and is rip up writing the same thing that Jesus Christ did when he was on Earth.

It's an I.T Council.

They formed this baptism of father son Holy Ghost, making a Triumph in God out of one true God to bring in their their Trinity May the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity come take the word of God and place it into every heart, Justice, blinded trinitarian people.

What the word tree don't even appear in the Bible now from Genesis Revelation.

There's, no such a thing.

You can't have the father.

Without having the son, you can't have the son without having the Holy Ghost, for they are inseparable one.

The Trinity is in a one: I'm, not Trinity, either I'm a Christian there.

You are in that uh Triune Trinity of God.

Now the uh, the god in his ones, God's the father, Son and Holy Spirit brother Benham.

Are you a trinitarian? No sir I am not a trinitarian I'm a Christian, see I I, don't the word trinitarian, don't even mention in the Bible, the word Trinity and he put this supernatural being, which is called man.

The third person of the Trinity Holy Spirit into mankind, upon the spiritual Revelation to know who Jesus Christ is but the third person of the Trinity no Trinity in him.

He is God and God won't make manifests God's holy spirit.

The third person of the Trinity, the holy ghost, is now moving over the building but examine your baptism of father son holy ghost that false Trinity is so called sitting by the father.

He sent the Holy Spirit back to the third person, the Trinity to Bear record of his being, which is God.

That's God enough it'll be an inspired prophet because there's no way to figure it out, man trying to figure out the Trinity and go gray-headed and go crazy.

Now, father take the word and may the Holy Spirit.

The third person of this Trinity comes.

Take the word of God and break it out to the people and put it in every heart, for it has need well I, remember the Antichrist and the Beast is the same self Spirit.

There's a trinity three stages of the same devil power.

Now tonight, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and is living right here.

Among Us in spirit form called the Holy Spirit, the holy spirit of God, which is Jesus Christ, the third person.

So many of you that claimed to have the Holy Ghost look and see the second person of a trinity when it's not even mentioned in the Bible.


No such a thing.

Everything travels in a trinity like other Son and Holy Spirit, the one God in a trinity and the works of Grace and a trinity, and all everything in the scripture runs in the trinity and today with thus says the Lord that the water baptism of the last days is to be in the name of Jesus Christ and another man.

Standing perform miracles in a trinitarian.

Show me the word Trinity in the Bible.

The Trinity of God is one father, son, Holy, Ghost.

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