Herb-Marinated Swordfish Recipe (2024)

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It was my first reaction, that it seems excessive. I will try this but with much much less oil...

Max Alexander, Rome, Contestant MasterChef Italia 2020-2021

We would use maybe twice as much oil here in Italy. You don’t need to eat all the oil with the fish (although Italians would, soaking it up in bread); you can save it to use later when making spaghetti con aglio e olio. In markets in Sicily you can buy the olive oil previously used to press and marinate anchovies just for this purpose. It’s called olio colorato or colored.

Mary R


I cook swordfish almost weekly and this is a great recipe. I love that it can be made in advance - it is wonderful room temperature and would be a great dish for entertaining. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the amount of oil in the marinade and I disagree. I was delighted at how much it made . It’s not necessary to eat it all at once. I served this with farro, drizzled with “surplus” marinade, and still have plenty left over which will be great with pasta or perhaps boiled baby potatoes.


Decided to grill a 1 lb. steak instead of sautéing it (really hot out). Heated olive oil with capers, added liquids and herbs and marinated swordfish for about 5 minutes. Served with tomatoes Provençal and then corn. A wonderful late summer meal we’ll repeat!a


Used this recipe on Alaskan halibut. Cut the cooking time because halibut cooks much faster. The comments about too much oil mirror similar comments on almost every NY Times recipe. I used the amount suggested and the halibut was divine. Did we eat all the fat left after cooking the fish? No. But the excess fat provided a lot of flavor and it made the halibut melt in our mouths. The only issue for me with the fat quantity is cost and waste. If you’re eating a low fat diet don’t make this recipe


This is easy and delicious. I used more capers (half a jar) more lemon juice and less oil (4tablespoons /-). It is now my go-to recipe for swordfish.


Excellent and easy. Used about 1/2 the amount of oil


Husband made this last night and it was divine. Added a splash of dry vermouth and butter to the finishing sauce. This is definitely a keeper.

Lisa A.

Dee-lish. My first time making swordfish, and this recipe is a total winner. The post-cooking marinating thing is so interesting. It works great. Will make again. So many people noted that there was too much oil. I love olive oil, but you know what? This recipe calls for way too much oil. Cut it by half, at a minimum.

Bebe Watson

How do you serve this “warm” if it’s sitting in the room temp marinade for 15 minutes?


Why not look for a recipe for cod?


We have many swordfish recipes that we like a lot but this is definitely a keeper. I used a bit of butter in the pan, slightly olive oil (but you don’t end up eating all the oil), and couldn’t find chives so substituted scallions. Delicious and plates well.

Laura G.

Lovely flavors, but for me the "room temperature swordfish" concept is flawed. I think next time I might just treat the sauce *as* a sauce, cook the swordfish, spoon on some sauce, and serve.


This was so easy and fabulous! We grilled the swordfish and quickly sautéed the sauce. Pored over fish and served. A keeper!


This was absolutely delicious made exactly to the recipe. I served the fish over a bed of steamed Swiss Chard, which soaked up the oil nicely. The swordfish was buttery and moist. I didn't find it to be too much oil because the fish and oil are great over a salad the next day!


Doesn’t need all the oil. Otherwise, pretty good.

J Ambrose

We grilled the swordfish instead of stove top cooking (less messy). One steak, about 3/4 inch thick took about 8 minutes/side. The sauce was fabulous. I don't think I'll ever cook it another way. Easy too, and quick. Other recipes call for marinating for quite come time


I made this as written for a large party (so we at least quadrupled the fish) and it worked out very well. It's a great thing to do ahead of time, because the grilled fish can then sit in the marinade until it's time to serve. Since swordfish sometimes dries out on the grill, the marinade keeps everything nice and moist. Yes, a lot of the oil is not consumed, but it serves an important purpose.


Really tasty & such an interesting technique. Followed advice to use about 1/2 cup olive oil and no reduction in capers etc for one pound of fish. A pyrex loaf pan was perfect for marinating

Judith Bergson

Made this for dinner as written and it was delicious and easy. The swordfish was very moist, exactly as we like it

Laura T

I made this and it was delish! Used a little less oil and 1 TBS more of lemon juice. It's a keeper!


Fantastic recipe. Was skeptical, but made it with the full amount of oil, sautéed some onions and garlic with the capers. Lots of herbs. Grilled the fish. And poured the sauce over the fish. Had baguettes to sop up the sauce, and grilled asparagus. Absolutely delicious and super fast to put together. my guests devoured everything. This is going to be my new way to cook fish.


Spectacular recipe, guests ate every bit. Added minced garlic with the capers and red pepper flakes for final garnish. The extra marinade is a fantastic bonus.


Have made this as is for dinner parties. Excellent. Use high quality swordfish.


My crowd of 25 loved this! We grilled the swordfish instead of pan-frying, to keep the heat outside and also because of the large quantity. Served at room temp with pasta with pesto.

Laura Nak

Wonderful simplicity! I used less oil and it was fine.


Absolutely stellar and so easy!


What's the baking dish for?


The fish didn't brown -- maybe I had the heat TOO low?

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Herb-Marinated Swordfish Recipe (2024)
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