30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (2024)

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30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto),are perfect healthy comfort food recipes for cold nights. These hearty keto and low-carb soups will make your mouth water. Your family will enjoy these delicious chicken, beef, vegetable, chili, and Mexican soup recipes!

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❤️ Easy Crockpot Soup Recipes

Crockpot Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Soup

The perfect comfort food recipe! A creamy broth with chicken, mushrooms, onions, white wine, and tarragon. So delicious. This easy chicken soup can easily be made in an Instant Pot pressure cooker and instructions are provided. Recipe: Crockpot Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Soup (Keto Soup Slow Cooker)

CrockPot Chicken Fajita Soup

A fiesta in a bowl! Chicken, peppers, onions, seasoning, cream, and cheese meld together to make this tasty creamy chicken fajita soup! An easy slow cooker soup that everyone can enjoy. Instructions for making in your Instant Pot too! Recipe: Crockpot Chicken Fajita Soup (Low Carb and Keto Soup Recipe)

Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup

With a creamy broth of green enchiladas sauce, salsa verde, cheeses, and tender shredded chicken, you can't go wrong with this recipe. Perfect for those busy nights! This Mexican soup recipe will make everyone happy! This recipe can be made on a stovetop or in an Instant Pot. This will be your new favorite soup!! Recipe: Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup (Keto Slow Cooker Mexican Soup)

Tomato Basil Soup

This soup is loaded with tomatoes, cheese, fresh basil, cream, and garnished with garlic basil parmesan cheese crisps. It is super delicious, easy to make, and destined to be your new favorite soup! Recipe: Easy Tomato and Basil Soup (Instant Pot and Slow Cooker Soup)

Crockpot Soup With Chicken

Prepare these delicious Chicken soup recipes in the morning and dinner will be ready when your family walks through the door!

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (6)

Crockpot Beef Soup Recipes

These delicious hearty crockpot beef soup recipes will be a filling dinner served with a side salad and keto-friendly cornbread.

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (7)

Crockpot Soup With Vegetables

Forget the salad! Serve these veggie-packed soups for a delicious, healthy dinner.

You'll love this Broccoli Cheese Soup With Beer and Brats!! Easy to make in your slow cooker or Instant pot. You can thank my Wisconsin native husband for this cheese soup inspiration! 🙂 Recipe: Broccoli Cheese Soup with Beer Brats (Keto Instant Pot Recipe)

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (8)

Crockpot Mexican Soups

Enjoy the bold flavors of tacos in these tasty crockpot Mexican soups. Serve with your favorite Keto Margarita!

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (9)

Chili Recipes

Chili is an easy to make comfort food for chilly weather and perfect for loading up with your favorite toppings.

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (10)

More Crockpot Soup Recipes

There are so many tasty keto and low carb crockpot soups recipes that we had to add more! Your crockpot will be busy this winter but you will save so much time in the kitchen.

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (11)

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Keto soup recipes in your crockpot that are easy, low carb and ketogenic. The BEST keto soup recipes made in your slow cooker. Crockpot soup recipes are the perfect healthy comfort food to keep you warm on chilly nights. Easy weeknight dinners - chicken soups, chili, tomato soup, chicken enchilada soup, beef soup, Mexican soup recipes, Italian soups, and more! #crockpot #soup #slowcooker #keto #ketogenic #ketosoup #ketorecipes #seekinggoodeats

30+ Crockpot Soup Recipes (Low Carb and Keto) (2024)
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