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Approved projects

(update 19 July 2023)

At 19 July 2023, there were 16 projects awarded, for a total amount of €225 757. 85. Out of these projects, ten were proposed by youth organisations from Ukraine. The projects approved were as follows:

Organisation:Development center Pangeya Ultima (grant awarded:€ 14 937)

Reviving Primeval Rusava (Special Call for Ukraine)

The project tackles the lack of local youth participation and lack of leisure time opportunities by the creation of local folklore clubs in Stina, a village in Ukraine and 3 surrounding villages, where young people become active in carrying out local cultural initiatives and produce media content with them. The outputs are 10 media productions on the local heritage (e.g. photo-sessions, audiovisual materials of the recorded songs and dances, stories and poetry) in the digital media format online and during the offline exchange/presentation event organized by young people themselves at the end of the project in Stina.
The aim is “to mobilize and empower local youngsters to uncover and promote the vast cultural heritage of the participating village communities while filling in the gap of extracurricular activities for young people which will lead to leadership skills development, unity around the common cause and formation of self-identity around the common folklore topics.”.

Organisation: Active youth community (grant awarded:€14 922)

Building bridges towards peace

The project tackles the need for supporting young people to develop peace building and reconciliation skills in the context of the war, through a training course followed by local awareness raising actions.The aim is “to equip active young people living in the Lviv region, yet originally coming from both this region and other regions in Ukraine, with essential knowledge and skills about peacebuilding and conflict management in order to empower them to act as young peacebuilders within their communities”.The main activities are a five-day training course for 25 youth leaders in Lviv (Ukraine) focusing on building knowledge about peacebuilding and reconciliation, tools to prevent and solve conflicts and support the organisation of local initiatives aimed at raising awareness about peacebuilding and reconciliation among the people in Lviv region.

Organisation:Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine (grant awarded:€14 995)

Trainings on project management

The project addresses the lack of youth participation in public activity in times of war, by supporting 100 young people between 15 and 18 years to learn about project management and implementing as a result at least 12 socially beneficial projects in their communities.The main activities are a series of training and follow-up mentoring for young people to implement local projects. The project will reach out more than 300 young people, and have a local impact.
Organisation:Public organization Radekhiv Center "Youth Initiative" (grant awarded:€ 14.810)

Rights of youth in times of war

The project tackles the issue of young people’s entrepreneurship and rights related to work, mostly in Western Ukraine. The NGO mentions working, among others, with disabled young veterans and internally displaced people.The project aim is to help youth affected by war to find opportunities to improve their situation in the field of protection and protection of their rights and promote the development of local youth policy in this direction.

Organisation: Public Organization "Development and Initiative"(grant awarded:€15.000)

Focus on youth: Youth radicalization in times of war

The project responds to the problem of radicalisation of young people given the continuous media consumption of violence related to the war. The NGO proposes a five-day training course with a non-formal education approach, where participants will be able to learn about youth radicalization in interactive form, after which participants will develop their projects and implement follow-up activities related to radicalisation prevention and media literacy. Through this, the NGO addresses youth radicalisation in the Dnipropetrovsk region and motivates youth workers to focus their activities on this topic.

Organisation:Promote Ukraine asbl (grant awarded:€13.840)

Children-UA by Promote Ukraine (Special Call for Ukraine)

The project tacklesthe lack of access to professional opportunities for Ukrainian young refugees in Brussels, as well as language and cultural barriers and the lack of understanding of the Belgian educational and labour system. The project includes a summer camp for Ukrainian young refugees living in Brussels, to help them develop skills and gain a better understanding of the labour market, to increase their employment opportunities.


Informational-resource space

The project addresses the need for meaningful youth spaces and activities in Okhtyrka. As the city was heavily damaged by the war, the youth center wishes to try to restart youth work activities.The project aim is to create technically equipped "Informational-resource space" on the basis of the Okhtyrka Youth Center, where during June-December 2023 will be provided series of civic activism trainings for 30 young people of Okhtyrka community. The main activities are related to establishing the space, training activities, but also leisure activities for young people, such as a mindfulness program, psycho-emotional and leisure activities to balance their emotional and physical health.

Organisation: Active Youth Community (Ukraine)(grant awarded:€14.880)

Activating human rights

This is a human rights education project, with a specific focus on gender issues, and proposes a training course and follow-up actions on this topic.The aim is to raise awareness on human rights and promote gender equality and inclusion in Dnipro by educating active young people on the scope of their rights and ways of protecting them. The project phases include preparations, a five-day human rights training and local follow up actions.

Organisation: Champions Factory Sports Club (Bulgaria) (grant awarded: €15.000)

Together for Ukraine

This is a two-stage project that uses sports as a tool for integration of young Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. The need is to integrate the young Ukrainian refugees who are now resident in Bulgaria. Whilst the state provides minimum humanitarian aid, the NGO wants to contribute to the social integration through sport activities. The aim is to facilitate the social integration and inclusion of young Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria through sport. The project includes the training of 20 coaches on how to use sports for integration and 10 sport activities for groups of Bulgarian and Ukrainian youth. A Manual will be produced as final output.

Organisation: Youth for Change civil society development NGO (Armenia)(grant awarded:€14.706)

Together with Ukraine

The project focuses on employment and minority rights for young Ukrainian refugees in Armenia. The aim is to create a more inclusive society by integrating young people from Ukraine into the labour market and promoting minority and employment rights. The project includes a six-day training course on employment rights and skills to enter the job market for 30 young people from Ukraine, mentoring/coaching and the publication of brochures and video with instructions about the Armenian labour market, employment rights and minority rights.

Organisation: 3.5 percent (Ukraine)(grant awarded: €14.720)

Youth research group on brain drain

The project will provide a training to youth workers on data collection and develop a national study among young people about the brain drain and the presence of young people in the country. The project includes capacity building on social research for youth leaders; national research; presentation of results. The need for this project is explained through the lack of information regarding youth in the country, especially after the war started – brain drain was already an issue in Ukraine before the war, and more young people have left the country.

Organisation: Society Initiatives Institute (Lviv, Ukraine)(grant awarded: €14.227)

SkillUP to social inclusion

The project will contribute to building inclusive societies in Ukraine, by developing competences of 25 activists, educators and youth workers and equipping them with creative education tools, such as improvisational theatre and storytelling, for working with internally displaced youth and young people with fewer opportunities. After the training, participants will implement follow up activities in their communities. Several outputs are foreseen: visibility tools (including a project video with footage from the activity and testimonies), and a brochure for social inclusion.

Organisation: NGO Non-formal education for youth (Dnipro, Ukraine)(grant awarded: €7.435)

Ukrainian Young Peacebuilders

The project supports young people from Ukraine to use peaceful tools that build social cohesion. The project includes a five-day peace camp, for young people, especially those who are internally displaced in Ukraine. These young people are sometimes not welcomed by local residents, so more non-violent communication skills and conflict transformation skills are needed among them. Also, in the context of the war, young people need opportunities to seek for a future of peace. The project will provide young people the chance for a positive activity based on human rights and peace and will increase their self-confidence. Also, the project will train young people to use non-violent communication and be respectful towards differences.

Organisation: Youth for Equality (Trnava, Slovak Republic)(grant awarded: €11.500)

Power of Mental Health

The project is based on the need for preventative mental health activities for young people, given the context of the war. The project aim is to organise activities that will benefit the mental health of Ukrainian youth through the tools of art and culture and present these works on a local level to the community. The NGO will carry out initial research into the issue of mental health of young people from Ukraine, then a series of art therapy workshops for young people. Finally, the arts produced in the workshops will be shared in a public exhibition.

Organisation: Young Men’s Christian Organisation (Plzeň, Czech Republic)(grant awarded: €14.960)

Building Youth Employability Competencies of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic

The project aims at increasing the employability of young Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, mostly in the Pilsen area. As part of the project, an information website for young Ukrainian people about the Czech labour market will be set up. Over 160 young people from Ukraine will be equipped with skills to apply for jobs in the country. Additionally, cultural events will also be organised to foster integration and intercultural dialogue.

Organisation: Smart Point Uzhhorod (Uzhhorod, Ukraine)(grant awarded: €14.826)

Training Camp for Ukrainian Youth Activists

The project consists of a training course for young local Ukrainian youth activists (both from Ukraine and displaced, living in Slovak Republic) to build their skills in running their own youth activities in their local communities. The programme of the training course includes seven days with sessions on project development, combined with leisure activities.

The list of approved projects can also be consulted at this link.

2023 Special call Ukraine - European Youth Foundation - www.coe.int (2024)
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